“Steve goes above and beyond your needs, he is one of the best in the business!”

Steve Sandra Denise Krikor1We knew that we wanted to be in the Los Angeles area but was not too sure of the location.  Steve showed us quite a few properties in different areas until we were able to zero in on a location that we wanted and was within our price range.  He was very patient. We never felt like we were being rushed just for him to make the sale. He was very particular in the location for us. If it did not feel right to him, he let us know. It was as if he was making the purchase for himself. He made sure the location was right, and also took into account if there was any upgrading to be made, and how much upgrading  it entailed. His easy going personality made it very comfortable for us and we know that we have made a friend for life.  Definitely use Steve Hampar for your Real Estate Agent, as he goes above and beyond your needs. He is one of the best in the business!

Krikor and Denise H.